Internet and Network - Page 7

Q1: What is used in a wireless network as its transmission media?
  • a) satellite 
  • b) radio waves 
  • c) twisted pair 
  • d) frequency wave

Q2: Which of the following is network topology?
  • a) star 
  • b) ring 
  • c) bus 
  • d) all of the above

Q3: HTTP is protocol for...
  • a) sending hyper text 
  • b) email 
  • c) fetching pages on WWW 
  • d) receiving mail

Q4: Which of the following is not protocol?
  • a) IXP/SXP 
  • b) UTP 
  • c) STP 
  • d) all of them

Q5: Which protocols are used primarily on networks using the Novell Netware operating systems?
  • a) HTTP 
  • b) TCP/IP 
  • c) IPX/SPX 
  • d) ARP

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