Internet and Network - Page 71

Q1: All IP address is .......... long.
  • a) 8 bit 
  • b) 16 bit 
  • c) 32 bit 
  • d) 64 bit

Q2: It is the process used by large retailers to study trends.
  • a) data mining 
  • b) data selection 
  • c) POS 
  • d) all

Q3: How are IP addresses connected?
  • a) in hierarchy of domain names 
  • b) in hierarchy of OS 
  • c) in binary string 
  • d) in hierarchy of power of computers

Q4: Standard rules for connecting computers in network is called
  • a) browser 
  • b) topology 
  • c) protocol 
  • d) NOS

Q5: Which network is used for sharing resources among users with microcomputer?
  • a) LAN 
  • b) MAN 
  • b) WAN 
  • d) VAN

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