Internet and Network - Page 72

Q1: Hyperlink is also said as
  • a) link 
  • b) source 
  • c) bar 
  • d) underlined text

Q2: An internet-like network which is internal to an organization such as a business is called
  • a) protocol 
  • b) intranet 
  • c) frame 
  • d) all

Q3: MBPS stands for
  • a) Mega Bytes Per Second 
  • b) Mega Bits Per Second 
  • c) Mega Bytes Per System 
  • d) Mega Bits Per System

Q4: It is an attempt to slow down or stop computer by flooding the system with request for information.
  • a) virus attack 
  • b) denial of service attack 
  • c) worm attack 
  • d) trojan horse attack

Q5: It is the medium that is least susceptible to noise.
  • a) twisted pair 
  • b) fiber optics 
  • c) microwave 
  • d) infrared

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