Internet and Network - Page 73

Q1: Which one is used on WAN?
  • a) telephone channel 
  • b) optical fiber 
  • c) satellite 
  • d) STP

Q2: A huge collection of electronic pages is called
  • a) the WWW 
  • b) search engine 
  • c) email address 
  • d) all

Q3: “yahoo”, “google”, “hotmail” are
  • a) browser 
  • b) email 
  • c) search engine 
  • d) all

Q4: Transferring data from one place to another, by physical or electronic mean is said as
  • a) email 
  • b) downloading 
  • c) data transmission 
  • d) all

Q5: Which one is not used in domain?
  • a) .gov 
  • b) .edu 
  • c) .com 
  • d) .exe

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