Internet and Network - Page 74

Q1: Which one is not used in local area network?
  • a) hub 
  • b) printer 
  • c) modem 
  • d) cable

Q2: In which arrangement the processing is done by the server?
  • a) a file server 
  • b) peer-to-peer network 
  • c) client/server 
  • d) print server

Q3: Which one is used to access web page?
  • a) browser 
  • b) search engine 
  • c) messenger 
  • d) email

Q4: AI Gore coined which phrase in 1981?
  • a) World Wide Web 
  • b) cyberspace 
  • c) Information Superhighway 
  • d) Information Technology

Q5: Modem converts data from
  • a) analog to analog 
  • b) digital to analog 
  • c) analog to digital 
  • d) analog to digital & vice versa

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