Internet and Network - Page 75

Q1: Signals produced by computer to be sent over standard phone lines must be converted to:
  • a) digital signals 
  • b) analog signal 
  • c) optical signal 
  • d) modem

Q2: SONET is concerned with
  • a) fiber optic cable 
  • b) coaxial cable 
  • c) twisted pair cable 
  • d) microwave

Q3: DSL is an example of
  • a) protocol 
  • b) broadband 
  • c) ISP 
  • d) server

Q4: What is web site’s initial page called?
  • a) home page 
  • b) primary page 
  • c) FAQ page 
  • d) all

Q5: Gopher is an example of
  • a) web site 
  • b) protocol 
  • c) URL 
  • d) search engine

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