Internet and Network - Page 77

Q1: It is the device that reconciles the differences between computers and phone line.
  • a) modem 
  • b) NIC 
  • c) repeater 
  • d) router

Q2: Which one is the device that sends and receives satellite signals?
  • a) token 
  • b) microwave 
  • c) earth station 
  • d) modem

Q3: The illegally copied software is called
  • a) illegal software 
  • b) copied software 
  • c) pirated software 
  • d) burned software

Q4: Hyperlink may be in
  • a) graphics 
  • b) underline 
  • c) animated text 
  • d) all

Q5: Which one is used to connect the dissimilar network?
  • a) router 
  • b) gateway 
  • c) bridge 
  • c) all

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