Internet and Network - Page 78

Q1: Which is used for email?
  • a) web address 
  • b) IP address 
  • c) email address 
  • d) all

Q2: Feature of the TCP protocol is
  • a) assurance of packet delivery 
  • b) best effort delivery 
  • c) fast but unreliable connection 
  • d) fast downloading

Q3: Which one has the slowest transmission speed?
  • a) fiber optic cable 
  • b) coaxial cable 
  • c) twisted pair cable 
  • d) microwaves

Q4: Which topology shares a single channel for receiving and transmitting data?
  • a) bus 
  • b) star 
  • c) ring 
  • d) tree

Q5: In WAN computers are connected by:
  • a) STP 
  • b) fiber optics 
  • c) communication satellites 
  • d) UTP

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