Internet and Network - Page 80

Q1: In which network type, all the computers have equal status?
  • a) WAN
  • b) peer-to-peer
  • c) client/server
  • d) all

Q2: In which network topology, outer nodes connect to a single central node?
  • a) LAN
  • b) broadband network
  • c) passive star
  • d) pass band

Q3: Which of the following enables computers to connect toe computer networks?
  • a) email
  • b) internet
  • c) browser
  • d) server

Q4: Which of the following is used to connect one network another network?
  • a) file server
  • b) internet
  • c) gateway
  • d) modem

Q5: It is the computer that user’s computer connects in order to access the internet.
  • a) supercomputer
  • b) server
  • c) client
  • d) PDA

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