Internet and Network - Page 9

Q1: Which is not web browser?
  • a) internet explore 
  • b) firefox 
  • c) netscape 
  • d) explorer

Q2: The protocol which is used in internet is
  • a) ICP 
  • b) TCP/IP 
  • c) FTP 
  • d) ISP

Q3: ARPANet is related with
  • a) internet and network 
  • b) operating system 
  • c) Microsoft office 
  • d) device driver

Q4: WWW is a ......
  • a) protocol of internet 
  • b) service of internet 
  • c) language of internet 
  • d) none of above

Q5: Which is web browser software?
  • a) windows 2007 
  • b) internet explorer 
  • c) explorer 
  • d) all

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