IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 10

Q1: Which memory is not regarded as mass memory?
  • a) magnetic disk 
  • b) magnetic tape 
  • c) magnetic drum 
  • d) semiconductor memory

Q2: How many keys are present on the majority of the standard US keyboard?
  • a) 84 
  • b) 100 
  • c) 104 
  • d) 105

Q3: Which of the following I/O address is used by COM 2?
  • a) 2C6 
  • b) 3A7 
  • c) 3F8 
  • d) 2F8

Q4: Which one doesn’t need a disk drive to operate?
  • a) PDA 
  • b) laptop 
  • c) PC 
  • d) network computer

Q5: Frame rate is related with which of the following output?
  • a) graphics 
  • b) text 
  • c) video 
  • d) audio

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