IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 102

Q1: Who built the first mechanical calculator?
  • a) Babbage 
  • b) Blaise Pascal 
  • c) Howard Aiken 
  • d) John Mouchly

Q2: Computers built before the first generation of computer are said as:
  • a) mechanical 
  • b) electrical 
  • c) electro mechanical 
  • d) electronic

Q3: Programs are executed on the basis of priority number in a :
  • a) multiprogramming 
  • b) time sharing 
  • c) batch processing 
  • d) none

Q4: What is a cursor?
  • a) pointing arrow 
  • b) thin blinking line 
  • c) both a & b 
  • d) none

Q5: In which category does OS, editors and debuggers fall?
  • a) application software 
  • b) utility software 
  • c) system software 
  • d) all

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