IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 11

Q1: The word “desktop” on computer science refers to
  • a) the area around the monitor
  • b) the table when computer is put
  • c) the visible screen
  • d) the OS

Q2: The part of a machine level instruction which tells the central processor what has to be done is called
  • a) CPU
  • b) address
  • c) control unit
  • d) opcode

Q3: Which of the following is another name for backing store?
  • a) SAM
  • b) ROM
  • c) bulk memory
  • d) register

Q4: The 32 bit computer consists words of
  • a) 4 bytes
  • b) 8 bytes
  • c) 18 bytes
  • d) 32 bytes

Q5: It is electronic circuit with about 20 transistors fabricated on a silicon chip.
  • a) MSI
  • b) SSI
  • c) vacuum
  • d) LSI

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