IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 111

Q1: In which of the following device, the access time is depended upon the location of the data?
  • a) random access 
  • b) serial access 
  • c) sequential access 
  • d) all

Q2: Which number system is commonly used as a shortcut notation for groups of four binary digits?
  • a) binary
  • b) octal
  • c) decimal
  • d) hexadecimal

Q3: Which of the following printer is not used to print on multi carbon forms?
  • a) daisy wheel
  • b) dot matrix
  • c) laser
  • d) thimble

Q4: Magnetic tape can serve as :
  • a) secondary storage media
  • b) input media
  • c) output media
  • d) all

Q5: Which one is the most popular first generation computer?
  • a) IBM 1650
  • b) IBM 360
  • c) IBM 1130
  • d) IBM 1401

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