IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 113

Q1: What is the disk called that is permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free?
  • a) floppy disk 
  • b) hard disk 
  • c) winchester disk 
  • d) all

Q2: The instructions for starting the computer system are stored in :
  • a) CD ROM 
  • b) ROM 
  • c) RAM 
  • d) hard disk

Q3: Which of the following is used in manufacturing chips?
  • a) semiconductor 
  • b) magnetic oxide 
  • c) plastic 
  • d) all

Q4: Which one is used just for data entry and storage but never for processing?
  • a) micro computer 
  • b) dumb terminal 
  • c) both a & b 
  • d) none

Q5: Locating data item for storage is known as:
  • a) fetch 
  • b) input 
  • c) search 
  • d) all

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