IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 128

Q1: The IC chip used in computer is made from:
  • a) silica 
  • b) silicon 
  • c) iron oxide 
  • d) magnetic

Q2: The 0 or 1 in binary number system are also called :
  • a) bytes 
  • b) bits 
  • c) decimal 
  • d) all

Q3: Which is not system software?
  • a) operating software 
  • b) compiler 
  • c) emulator 
  • d) decoder

Q4: What is the use of a computer port?
  • a) to communicate with other peripherals 
  • b) to connect computer network 
  • c) to communicate with hard drives 
  • d) to download files from the internet

Q5: Which one of the following is the fastest computer?
  • a) PII 600 MHz 
  • b) PIV 600MHz 
  • c) 486 turbo 
  • d) Pentium 600MHz

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