IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 135

Q1: The most frequently used instructions of a computer program are likely to be fetched from:
  • a) RAM 
  • b) CPU 
  • c) cache memory 
  • d) ROM

Q2: What is mp3?
  • a) a picture 
  • b) a sound format 
  • c) a printer 
  • d) a mouse

Q3: Which of the following key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?
  • a) control key 
  • b) function key 
  • c) arrow key 
  • d) enter key

Q4: Its contents are recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased by user.
  • a) ROM 
  • b) RAM 
  • c) hard disk 
  • d) floppy

Q5: The computer that is capable of simultaneous processing data for hundreds of users.
  • a) server 
  • b) microcomputer 
  • c) mainframe 
  • d) laptop

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