IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 137

Q1: The smallest unit of disk is called:
  • a) track 
  • b) sector 
  • c) cluster 
  • d) cylinder

Q2: Advantage of USB:
  • a) ease of configuration 
  • b) speed 
  • c) expansion 
  • d) all

Q3: Which one of the following is considered as a video component?
  • a) resolution 
  • b) color depth 
  • c) refresh rate 
  • d) all

Q4: Which natural element is the primary ingredient in the computer chip?
  • a) silicon 
  • b) iron 
  • b) metal 
  • d) carbon

Q5: What number does “K” represent in microprocessor memory?
  • a) 1024 bytes 
  • b) 1000 bytes 
  • c) 1048 bytes 
  • d) 100 bytes

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