IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 138

Q1: How many color dots make up one color pixel on the screen?
  • a) 1 
  • b) 16 
  • b) 32 
  • d) 256

Q2: Which of the following computer language is most commonly used for complex scientific programming?
  • a) BASIC 
  • b) COBOL 
  • c) FORTRAN 
  • d) RPG

Q3: Which computer language was developed in 1970’s for the purpose of creating the UNIX operating system?
  • a) C 
  • b) FORTRAN 
  • c) COBOL 
  • d) ADA

Q4: An accumulator is a special type of :
  • a) register 
  • b) CPU 
  • c) disk 
  • d) all

Q5: Which type of graphics card offers the greatest resolution?
  • a) EGA 
  • b) VGA 
  • c) CGA 
  • d) SVGA

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