IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 146

Q1: Who invented the analytical machine?
  • a) Napier 
  • b) Babbage 
  • c) Pascal 
  • d) IBM

Q2: Who invented a calculator that could perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?
  • a) Pascal 
  • b) Babbage 
  • c) Leibniz 
  • d) IBM

Q3: When the first IBM microcomputer called IBM PC with 16 bit microprocessor was introduced?
  • a) 1971 
  • b) 1981 
  • c) 1991 
  • d) 1992

Q4: The first IBM PC did not have any:
  • a) RAM 
  • b) ROM 
  • c) disk drive 
  • d) all of them

Q5: What was the problem with using transistors in computer?
  • a) they led to massive wiring snarls
  • b) they were very expensive 
  • c) they burnt out like light bulb 
  • d) none

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