IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 147

Q1: What are the two main classifications of system software?
  • a) digital and analog 
  • b) Linux and Windows 
  • c) programming language and operating system 
  • d) general and special

Q2: MHz represents :
  • a) a million bytes 
  • b) a millionth of second 
  • c) a million instructions per second 
  • d) all

Q3: Who is regarded as the most important person in the history of computer?
  • a) Bill Gates
  • b) Charles Babbage 
  • c) Konrad Zusa 
  • d) Jack Kilby

Q4: The first commercial computers ever marketed were built in :
  • a) the US by Remington rand 
  • b) Germany by the Third Reich 
  • c) England by a pastry company 
  • d) in USA by Microsoft

Q5: The two major classification of software are:
  • a) system and application 
  • b) packaged and tailored 
  • c) Microsoft & MAC 
  • d) desktop & laptop

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