IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 157

Q1: “Mark sensing” is another term for:
  • a) OMR 
  • b) POS 
  • c) MICR 
  • d) barcode reader

Q2: It is used for optical character recognition.
  • a) card reader 
  • b) MICR 
  • c) stylus 
  • d) barcode reader

Q3: OCR-A is a :
  • a) bar code 
  • b) portrait 
  • c) stylus 
  • d) monitor

Q4: It is the monitor that shows single color character on a contrasting background.
  • a) color monitor 
  • b) monochrome monitor 
  • c) LCD 
  • d) projector

Q5: Voice input device converts voice signals into:
  • a) bar codes 
  • b) analog codes 
  • c) digital codes 
  • d) optical marks

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