IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 159

Q1: Which of the following is type of gate?
  • a) OR gate 
  • b) AND gate 
  • c) NOT gate 
  • d) all

Q2: The speed with which a disk can find data being sought is called:
  • a) access time 
  • b) direct time 
  • c) data transfer time 
  • d) booting

Q3: What is the disk called that used both magnetic and a laser beam?
  • a) CD ROM 
  • b) hard disk 
  • c) magnetic optical 
  • d) floppy

Q4: Live ware means:
  • a) free software 
  • b) computer user group 
  • c) parts of computer 
  • d) antivirus

Q5: Which of the following uses magnetic technology?
  • a) magnetic disk 
  • b) magnetic tape 
  • c) magnetic core 
  • d) all

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