IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 160

Q1: Graphics and other paperwork can be transmitted directly by using:
  • a) CSMA/CD 
  • b) token passing 
  • c) printer 
  • d) CDROM

Q2: Which of the following is an electromechanical input output device?
  • a) floppy disk 
  • b) hard disk 
  • c) super disk 
  • d) all

Q3: Which one is not Boolean operator?
  • a) AND 
  • b) OR 
  • c) NOT 
  • d) IN

Q4: The action of moving a page up or down on the screen is called
  • a) scrolling 
  • b) print screen 
  • c) spooling 
  • d) insert

Q5: In which format is adobe acrobat file stored?
  • a) Portable Document Format 
  • b) Adobe Acrobat File 
  • c) Document 
  • d) Bitmap

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