IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 168

Q1: Which of the following is used for mathematical calculation and satellite communication?
  • a) microcomputer 
  • b) minicomputer 
  • c) mainframe computer 
  • d) super computer

Q2: Which of the following contains the address of next instruction to be executed?
  • a) program counter 
  • b) OS 
  • c) MBR 
  • d) IR

Q3: What coordinates the sequencing of events within a central processor of a computer?
  • a) logic unit 
  • b) arithmetic unit 
  • c) register 
  • d) control unit

Q4: What is the fundamental unit of storage in digital computer?
  • a) code
  • b) bit 
  • c) byte 
  • d) word

Q5: As compared to a magnetic tape, what is the main advantage of magnetic disk?
  • a) direct access 
  • b) rigidity 
  • c) low cost 
  • d) optical storage

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