IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 170

Q1: Which of the following memory has high access time?
  • a) tape storage 
  • b) cache memory 
  • c) disk 
  • d) register

Q2: Which of the following memory is more expensive in storage hierarchy?
  • a) disk 
  • b) tape 
  • c) register 
  • c) cache

Q3: What is the size of bus called?
  • a) width of bus 
  • b) height of bus 
  • c) length of bus 
  • d) none

Q4: Which of the following is type of communication bus?
  • a) control bus 
  • b) address bus 
  • c) data bus 
  • d) all

Q5: The high data transfer rate of USB is
  • a) 4 Mbps 
  • b) 8 Mbps 
  • c) 12 Mbps 
  • d) 16 Mbps

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