IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 171

Q1: It is the utility program that repairs a disk error.
  • a) scandisk 
  • b) antivirus 
  • c) defragmentation 
  • d) all

Q2: The fourth generation language mostly uses
  • a) AI 
  • b) neural network 
  • c) database language 
  • d) programming language

Q3: Which of the following data storage systems provides the most efficient random access to individual data items?
  • a) main memory 
  • b) magnetic disk 
  • c) CD 
  • d) optical storage

Q4: How many different symbols can be encoded using Unicode?
  • a) 127 
  • b) 256 
  • c) 512 
  • d) 65,536

Q5: Which of the following system is least efficient when encoding numeric values?
  • a) ASCII 
  • b) excess notation 
  • c) two’s complement notation 
  • d) floating point notation

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