IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 174

Q1: Which of the following output is given by computer?
  • a) graphics 
  • b) audio 
  • c) text 
  • d) all

Q2: Which of the following printer cannot print graphics?
  • a) inkjet 
  • b) laser 
  • c) dot-matrix 
  • d) daisy wheel

Q3: In the latest generation of computer, the instructions are executed
  • a) in parallel only 
  • b) in sequential only 
  • c) both in parallel and in sequential 
  • d) none

Q4: Who is the creator of PASCAL language?
  • a) Blaise Pascal 
  • b) Niklaus Writh 
  • c) Babbage 
  • d) Donald Knuth

Q5: In which of the following the information retrieval is fastest?
  • a) floppy 
  • b) hard disk 
  • c) magnetic tape 
  • d) CD

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