IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 178

Q1: What is the user programmable terminal called that combine VDT hardware with built in microprocessor?
  • a) intelligent terminal 
  • b) personal computer 
  • c) mainframe 
  • d) laptop

Q2: Condensing output data to exhibit specific information is known as
  • a) summarizing 
  • b) recording 
  • c) calculating 
  • d) merging

Q3: It is the technique used by codes to convert and analog signal into digital bit stream.
  • a) pulse code modulation 
  • b) pulse stretcher 
  • c) queue management 
  • d) query management

Q4: Which of the following is used to describe RAM?
  • a) Dynamic RAM 
  • b) Static RAM 
  • c) Video RAM 
  • d) all

Q5: Which of the following is used for the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system?
  • a) MIPS 
  • b) MPG 
  • c) EFTS 
  • d) CPS

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