IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 181

Q1: Which of the following produce the final result of computer processing?
  • a) control unit 
  • b) storage device 
  • c) output device 
  • d) processing device

Q2: Which was the first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage?
  • a) stepped reckoner 
  • b) analytical engine 
  • c) difference engine 
  • d) mark I

Q3: What does computer memory hold?
  • a) data & bytes 
  • b) data & program 
  • c) data & register 
  • d) data & formula

Q4: What is the name of 64 bit microprocessor by AMD?
  • a) iMac 
  • b) Athlon 
  • c) RISC-9000 
  • d) Opteron

Q5: Which of the following is related with scanner?
  • a) software 
  • b) twain 
  • c) photocopy 
  • d) laser

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