IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 182

Q1: Who is the founder of BSD Unix?
  • a) Bill Joy 
  • b) Linux Torvalds 
  • c) Bill Gates 
  • d) Babbage

Q2: The computers built before the first generation of computer were
  • a) mechanical 
  • b) electro mechanical 
  • c) magnetic 
  • d) manual

Q3: Program stored in ROM are called
  • a) software 
  • b) firmware 
  • c) volatile 
  • d) driver

Q4: A source program is a program
  • a) written in machine language 
  • b) to be translated into machine language 
  • c) translated into machine language 
  • d) to be translated to high level language

Q5: Memory is made up of
  • a) set of wires 
  • b) set of buses 
  • c) set of circuits 
  • d) set of cells

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