IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 183

Q1: Which device can identify difference between data and program?
  • a) input device 
  • b) microprocessor 
  • c) storage device 
  • d) output device

Q2: How many pins are present on VGA?
  • a) 9 
  • b) 15 
  • c) 20 
  • d) 25

Q3: Which of the following processor will fit on the processor socket of motherboard?
  • a) Pentium MMX 
  • b) AMD 
  • c) Cyrix MII 
  • d) all

Q4: Which new technology was added to the PIII?
  • a) internet streaming SIMD extension 
  • b) enhanced graphics capabilities 
  • c) enhanced audio streaming 
  • d) enhanced input speed

Q5: WRAM is used on
  • a) modem
  • b) video card 
  • c) CD ROM 
  • d) keyboard

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