IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 184

Q1: MMX was added to the Pentium to
  •  a) handle multimedia function 
  • b) improve printing speed 
  • c) speed up modem access to the internet 
  • d) handle optical mouse

Q2: The speed of dot matrix printer is measured in
  • a) lines per sheet 
  • b) lines per inch 
  • c) characters per second 
  • d) page per minute

Q3: Which of the following is not used as input device?
  • a) CRT 
  • b) scanner 
  • c) voice recognition device 
  • d) COM (Computer Output Microfilm)

Q4: When a computer is turned, a special type of absolute loader called _____ is executed.
  • a) boot loader 
  • b) bootstrap loader 
  • c) relating loader 
  • d) all

Q5: Which of the following is not utility program?
  • a) debugger 
  • b) spooler 
  • c) editor 
  • d) all

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