IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 185

Q1: It is a system that synchronizes hardware and software to produce electronic tones.
  • a) voice type 
  • b) MIDI 
  • c) synthesizer 
  • d) speaker

Q2: Which method is used for accessing cassette?
  • a) direct 
  • b) sequential 
  • c) random 
  • d) all

Q3: Microfilm reader is
  • a) COM device 
  • b) OCR 
  • c) MICR 
  • d) printer

Q4: Memory bus is mainly used to communicate between
  • a) I/O devices and memory 
  • b) processor and I/O devices 
  • c) processor and memory 
  • d) input and output device

Q5: A technology that provides the ability to create artificial world.
  • a) 3-D reality 
  • b) televirtuality 
  • c) virtual reality 
  • d) animation

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