IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 189

Q1: What is main storage also called as?
  • a) control unit 
  • b) register 
  • c) accumulator 
  • d) memory

Q2: What are the tiny rings made of magnetic material that can be polarized to represent binary 0 or 1 called as?
  • a) magnetic disk 
  • b) magnetic core 
  • c) card punch 
  • d) hard disk

Q3: Which of the following converts data punched in paper tape into binary format?
  • a) paper tape reader 
  • b) paper tape punch 
  • c) MICR 
  • d) OCR

Q4: Which of the following can read characters directly from an ordinary piece of paper?
  • a) MICR 
  • b) OCR 
  • c) scanner 
  • d) keyboard

Q5: It is a code consisting of light and dark marks, which may be optically read is known as.
  • a) bar code 
  • b) mnemonic code 
  • c) binary code 
  • d) programming code

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