IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 193

Q1: A software that controls the timing and operation of control devices is called
  • a) device driver 
  • b) translator 
  • c) system software 
  • d) application software

Q2: It is regarded to be world’s largest and most powerful computer manufacturer.
  • a) Microsoft 
  • b) Intel 
  • c) IBM 
  • d) Seagate

Q3: Burner is a circuit that allows ..... to be loaded with data.
  • a) RAM 
  • b) PROM 
  • c) EPROM 
  • d) EEPROM

Q4: The OCR reading unit attached to a POS terminal is called as
  • a) Wand 
  • b) light pen 
  • c) printer 
  • d) scanner

Q5: PC XT was introduced in
  • a) 1983 
  • b) 1984 
  • c) 1985 
  • d) 1986

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