IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 194

Q1: PC AT was introduced in
  • a) 1983 
  • b) 1984 
  • c) 1985 
  • d) 1986

Q2: CPU is also called as
  • a) decode 
  • b) microchip 
  • c) microprocessor 
  • d) auxiliary processor

Q3: It is the process of changing binary language 0’s and 1’s to the characters that a user can understand.
  • a) encode 
  • b) decode 
  • c) coding 
  • d) storing

Q4: Which is the drive indication for floppy?
  • a) A 
  • b) C 
  • c) D 
  • d) E

Q5: What is a computer port used for?
  • a) to communicate with pen drive 
  • b) to communicate with peripherals 
  • c) to connect to the internet 
  • d) to connect with other computers

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