IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 195

Q1: To play music on a computer, it should have
  • a) internet connection 
  • b) a CD ROM 
  • c) a sound card and a speaker 
  • d) a mouse and a keyboard

Q2: What is a computer chip?
  • a) a kind of light emitting diode 
  • b) an electrical switch 
  • c) a complete integrated circuit 
  • d) a flash disk

Q3: What does the word binary mean?
  • a) machine language 
  • b) having only two states 
  • c) CPU 
  • d) calculation

Q4: Which can cause error in reading CD-ROM?
  • a) cracks 
  • b) dirt 
  • c) scratches 
  • d) all

Q5: How many devices are supported by a typical SCSI adapter?
  • a) 2 
  • b) 5 
  • c) 7 
  • d) 8

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