IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 22

Q1: The speed of laser printer is measures in ......
  • a) PPM – Paper Per Minute 
  • b) LPM – Line Per Minute 
  • c) CPS – Character Per Second 
  • d) DPS – Dots Per Second

Q2: Hard disk is coated with .....
  • a) carbon layer 
  • b) metallic layer 
  • c) magnetic metallic layer 
  • d) all of the above

Q3: What is a device called that operates under control of another device?
  • a) master 
  • b) slave 
  • c) stem 
  • d) simulator

Q4: Computer is an ...... device.
  • a) electrical 
  • b) mechanical 
  • c) engineering 
  • d) electronic

Q5: It is the process of starting computer by loading system files into memory.
    • a) booting 
    • b) paging 
    • c) loading 
    • d) starting

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