IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 23

Q1: Which is not input device?
  • a) touch screen 
  • b) mouse 
  • c) joystick 
  • d) MIDI

Q2: Which one is not microcomputer?
  • a) laptop 
  • b) desktop 
  • c) mainframe 
  • d) hand held PC

Q3: Which one is personal computer?
  • a) terminal 
  • b) personal digital assistant 
  • c) mainframe 
  • d) microcomputer

Q4: A computer is not capable to .....
  • a) process data 
  • b) store data 
  • c) output data 
  • d) electrolyte data

Q5: Which one is the oldest storage device?
  • a) paper tape 
  • b) magnetic tape 
  • c) floppy disk 
  • d) magnetic disk

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