IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 30

Q1: What specification covers PC hard cards?
  • a) ISA 
  • b) PCMCIA 
  • c) MFM 
  • d) RAM

Q2: Which component failure could cause a blank screen?
  • a) VGA 
  • b) RAM 
  • c) CPU 
  • d) all

Q3: A source program is the program that is written in
  • a) English language 
  • b) high level language 
  • c) machine level language 
  • d) symbolic language

Q4: A stand-alone system that produces one page of printed output at a time.
  • a) line printer 
  • b) page printer 
  • c) laser printer 
  • c) inkjet printer

Q5: Which device is used to enter data onto a disk device?
  • a) keyboard 
  • b) mouse 
  • c) key-to-disk 
  • d) microprocessor

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