IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 31

Q1: The base of a number system is called
  • a) radix 
  • b) roster 
  • c) range 
  • d) all

Q2: Which one is not programming language?
  • a) see 
  • b) basic 
  • c) lisp 
  • d) pearl

Q3: Which one is part of hard disk?
  • a) platter 
  • b) laser 
  • c) power switch 
  • d) motherboard

Q4: Which one is necessary to record sound with sound recorder?
  • a) microphone 
  • b) MIDI 
  • c) speaker 
  • d) a sound card

Q5: It is a 16 bit encoding for representing character.
  • a) unicode 
  • b) decode 
  • c) encryption 
  • d) all

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