IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 39

Q1: The computing and communication technologies are combined together for:
  • a) data communication 
  • b) data searching 
  • c) data routing 
  • d) all

Q2: Process of buying and selling via mobile is said as:
  • a) mobile marketing 
  • b) multimedia 
  • c) m-commerce 
  • d) none

Q3: Which key is used to delete a character to the left of the cursor?
  • a) delete 
  • b) backspace 
  • c) shift 
  • d) enter

Q4: Which key is used to insert a new line or paragraph into any text editor?
  • a) enter 
  • b) shift 
  • c) insert 
  • d) tab

Q5: Most keyboards are in the arrangement of:
  • a) Unicode 
  • b) CISC 
  • c) QWERTY 
  • d) none

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