IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 40

Q1: The keyboard that is specially designed to alleviate wrist strain.
  • a) wireless keyboard 
  • b) traditional keyboard 
  • c) flexible keyboard 
  • d) ergonomic keyboard

Q2: OCR is .....
  • a) storage device 
  • b) output device 
  • c) direct input device 
  • d) none

Q3: Which computer falls on the basic model?
  • a) IBM compatible 
  • b) analog computer 
  • c) XT computer 
  • d) micro computer

Q4: Where is modem connected with?
  • a) USB port 
  • b) serial port 
  • c) COM port 
  • d) parallel port

Q5: Select the odd one:
    • a) dot matrix printer 
    • b) laser printer 
    • c) inkjet printer 
    • d) bubble jet printer

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