IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 45

Q1: Which of following is operating system software?
  • a) Windows XP 
  • b) Linux 
  • c) MAC OS 
  • d) all

Q2: Electronic wire connector cable are :
  • a) serial and parallel 
  • b) parallel and duplexed 
  • c) serial and expanded 
  • d) serial and expanded

Q3: The smallest visual element of video element is :
  • a) pixel 
  • b) DPI 
  • c) byte 
  • d) character

Q4: For which purpose the parity bits are used?
  • a) encryption of data 
  • b) to detect error 
  • c) to transmit data 
  • d) to find password

Q5: The process of preparing diskette for using is called:
  • a) assembling 
  • b) erasing 
  • c) scandisk 
  • d) formatting

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