IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 50

Q1: What does the read/write head of a disk drive or tape drive contain?
  • a) magnet 
  • b) electromagnet 
  • c) laser 
  • d) proton

Q2: Ms-office, games, flash etc. are example of
  • a) system software 
  • b) application software 
  • c) utility software 
  • d) device driver

Q3: Which one is not system software?
  • a) Windows 
  • b) Linux 
  • c) Unix 
  • d) paint brush

Q4: Which of the following is the fastest speed of microprocessor?
  • a) 200 MHz 
  • b) 800 MHz 
  • c) 1 GHz 
  • d) 10 GHz

Q5: In which of the following, software cannot permanently store in?
  • a) hard disk 
  • b) CD 
  • c) pen drive 
  • d) speaker

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