IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 51

Q1: Magnetic tape serve as:
  • a) input media 
  • b) output media 
  • c) storage media 
  • d) all of above

Q2: In comparison to secondary memory, the primary memory is
  • a) fast 
  • b) cheap 
  • c) large 
  • d) slow

Q3: In which way the secondary memory is accessed?
  • a) random access method 
  • b) action method 
  • c) transfer method 
  • d) density method

Q4: Which was the most popular first generation computer?
  • a) IBM 1650 
  • b) IBM 360 
  • c) IBM 1130 
  • d) IBM 2700

Q5: A smart or intelligent device is so called because it contains
  • a) microprocessor 
  • b) programmable microprocessor 
  • c) sensor 
  • d) all

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