IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 52

Q1: Which of the following printer is commonly used for desktop publishing?
  • a) dot matrix 
  • b) laser 
  • c) drum 
  • d) inkjet

Q2: What is the equipment called with which the computer communicate to its user?
  • a) hardware 
  • b) software 
  • c) monitor 
  • d) peripheral

Q3: Which of the following is known as the combination of input-output device?
  • a) keyboard 
  • b) printer 
  • c) VDT 
  • d) mouse

Q4: How many bits can be stored in the 8k RAM?
  • a) 4000 
  • b) 8000 
  • c) 8192 
  • d) 1024

Q5: Which of the following RAM have to be refreshed often in order to retain its contents?
  • a) SIMM 
  • b) DIMM 
  • c) SDMM 
  • d) DSMM

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