IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 56

Q1: What does the “F” on F1, F2, F3 etc on keyboard represent?
  • a) file 
  • b) function 
  • c) format 
  • d) find

Q2: What does a computer science refers?
  • a) learning how to use computer 
  • b) learning how to use internet 
  • c) repairing computer 
  • d) learning about algorithms, programs, and computer

Q3: What is a digital certificate?
  • a) a digital display board 
  • b) a document verifying the owner of a public key 
  • c) a signature done digitally 
  • d) a digital computer using capacity

Q4: How many floppy disk drives can support by FDC (Floppy-disk Drive Controller)?
  • a) 1 
  • b) 2 
  • c) 3 
  • d) 4

Q5: What does the first physical sector in any bootable hard disk contain?
  • a) file 
  • b) MBR 
  • c) cache 
  • d) driver

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