IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 6

Q1: Usually the hard drive a computer is :
  • a) A: drive 
  • b) B: drive 
  • c) C: drive 
  • d) D: drive

Q2: Which of the following batch file is made by DOS?
  • a) autoexec.bat 
  • b) autoexc.bat 
  • c) autoexe.bat 
  • d) autoexc.bat

Q3: It is the process of finding error in software code.
  • a) debugging 
  • b) testing 
  • c) coding 
  • d) compiling

Q4: The smallest unit of information is :
  • a) a byte 
  • b) a bit 
  • c) a nibble 
  • d) a block

Q5: A translator is :
  • a) application software 
  • b) hardware driver 
  • c) system software 
  • d) none

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